Vice City in Grand Theft Auto 6 needs to strike a balance between traditional and modern design elements.

Vice City in Grand Theft Auto 6 needs to strike a balance between traditional and modern design elements.

Grand Theft Auto 6 must follow one of the most popular video games of all time, and in order to do so, it must draw on both modern and nostalgic elements.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 must almost certainly succeed in exceeding fans’ expectations by following one of the most popular entertainment offerings. Despite the PS2 GTA trilogy remakes’ poor quality nearly shattered the studio’s illustrious legacy, Red Dead Redemption 2 preserved Rockstar Games’ reputation for superb all-new games. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the gift that keeps on giving, as it has gone on to sell over 165 million copies globally as of May 2022 following an astronomically successful launch. The following game in the series is probably going to use a setting that fans love, giving it a decent opportunity to be as adored.

The release of Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced the notion of each new mainline game being set in modern times, poking fun at current societal conventions rather than going back to decades past, when Grand Theft Auto before to 2008 took advantage of diverse historical periods to tell each tale. Without holding back, Grand Theft Auto 5 criticises the millennial generation and socioeconomic injustices that contribute to the ludicrous campaign and the setting in which it is set. Grand Theft Auto 6’s setting, Vice City, has almost certainly been confirmed. The game must keep its historical atmosphere while contrasting it with contemporary sensibilities.


Vice City is Shrouded in Nostalgia

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Vice City’s nostalgic quality is a big part of what draws people there. It wears its influences on its sleeve to create an experience that drowned itself in cultural and historical relevance, mimicking Miami in the 1980s with neon-infused streets and a tale emphasis on the drug trade. It will be challenging for Rockstar Games to update such a retro-focused city while preserving the qualities that made it unique in 2002. But if the recent leaks are any indication, that’s what it hopes to accomplish, and returning to such a beloved location would already be challenging to duplicate.

Because the locations that inspired a place like Los Santos had changed significantly over time, it felt more relatable to viewers. Although the plot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may have been reminiscent of the 1990s, GTA 5 was able to adapt it into a cogent story that took place in the present. Grand Theft Auto 6’s satirical ideas may be more effectively executed in Vice City than they are in its California-inspired counterpart, which seems much more like a time capsule.

Modern Influences were a Big Part of Grand Theft Auto 5

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Most of the time, Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos does a good job at reintroducing a place to players by putting it in the 20th century. It had familiar components that maintained its core identity while still being different enough to be astounding and unexpected. The developer made a brave decision, and finding the same balance in GTA 6’s universe will be a noteworthy accomplishment.

Some people believe that Grand Theft Auto is at its best when it is making fun of a particular era, whether it is Miami in the 1980s, California in the 1990s, or London in the 1960s. Grand Theft Auto 6 must satisfy those folks while still giving their beloved city a fresh, contemporary facelift. It’s challenging to strike the correct balance, but if Grand Theft Auto 5 is any indication, Rockstar is in a strong position to succeed.

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