Tweets on the entire Super Mario Bros. movie are persistent.

Tweets on the entire Super Mario Bros. movie are persistent.

A significant social media platform without a moderation team will have funny DMCA issues.

Here at The Verge, we’ve long held the opinion that copyright law is the only actual legislation that exists on the internet since it’s the one speech restriction that the majority of users on most platforms will accept. (At least here in the US.)

image credit : vulture

If you post something that flagrantly violates another person’s copyright, most platforms will take immediate action to remove it since they are exempt from liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act if they do so in a timely manner after receiving a request. Additionally, it is well known how the DMCA affects user behaviour on platforms because we have been writing about “no copyright intended” for more than ten years. There are a tonne of folks who are knowledgeable about it.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie may now be watched on Elon Musk’s steadily deteriorating platform because he isn’t one of them and fired the vast bulk of Twitter’s trust, safety, and compliance teams while also lengthening the videos you can post there. Since being posted on April 28th, one copy of the movie has had 9.3 million views.

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