Tiger 3 trailer out: Fans get first look at a menacing Emraan Hashmi and Katrina as Zoya

Tiger 3 trailer out: Fans get first look at a menacing Emraan Hashmi and Katrina as Zoya

The YRF Spy Universe pilot returns in a big, bright, dramatic way in the Tiger 3 trailer, much to the excitement and heightened expectations that followed the teaser.

Since the teaser for Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 was out, social media has gone crazy. Supporters are engrossed in the Maneesh Sharma picture, savouring the traditional explosive and suspenseful elements that one would anticipate from a YRF Spy Universe production.

The anticipated plot from a few weeks ago is only partially revealed in the trailer, which also highlights other important characters besides Salman Khan’s Tiger.
In the trailer, dialogue and story are not given much attention.

Emraan Hashmi makes his debut as the ominous antagonist who harbours a grudge against the YRF Spy Universe’s founding figure. The trailer also presents Katrina Kaif, the female star in the franchise.

Key points from the trailer

The two minutes and fifty-one-second film opens with the action-packed trailer jumping right into a rooftop bike pursuit.

Although the action scenes maintain the flashy flair that has been synonymous with the franchise, it appears that these components are highly emphasised in the film.

The nature of Emraan Hashmi’s character is yet unknown. Hashmi’s voice-over utterances paint a picture of a menacing guy who is motivated by a desire for vengeance, even against the hero’s family, despite the fact that we only get a fleeting sight of him.

Although Katrina Kaif’s character “Zoya” doesn’t speak in the teaser, her action scenes are undoubtedly impressive. Additionally, we get a glimpse of her during an amazing battle scene in the sauna.

The teaser doesn’t go into great detail about the primary plot or give a lot of context for the villain’s reasons for wanting retribution. Salman’s demonstration of firing an automatic machine gun—yes, again—against a helicopter is a noteworthy high point, though.


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