BGMI Custom Rooms

game pass bgmi tournaments

BGMI TDM Tournaments – Entry 100₹ and Win 150₹

BGMI TDM Tournaments Play Daily BGMI TDM Tournaments on Game Pass App. Win real money every match. Here in this BGMI Custom Room you can play. Here in this Tournament user can register with 100₹ and win 150₹ if you win the battle. In this category we offer two types of matches, one is only…
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BGMI TDM Tournaments

BGMI TDM Tournaments – Entry 50₹ and Win 200₹

BGMI TDM Tournaments Download Game Pass BGMI Tournaments App for Android and play daily Paid TDM Tournaments. You can play free and paid tournaments and BGMI Scrims. TDM Tournaments are all paid with winning money. Everyday you can play 1V1 BGMI TDM Tournaments for Warehouse Map in AR weapons. Here the match entry fees will…
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cycle in bgmi

Cycle in BGMI 1.9 Update – C2S5 Royal Pass

Cycle in BGMI New Cycle in BGMI in next C2S5 update and Royal Pass is expected. Also in new season we can play a new made that is similar as Ancient Temple mode in previous PUBG. This upcoming season is the mix of few recent events like here we can get new web shooter that…
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BGMI Scrims tournaments

BGMI Scrims Registration – Tournaments App

BGMI Scrims Registration Download Game Pass Tournaments app today and play unlimited BGMI Custom Matches daily. All Scrims matches are paid tournaments and anyone can join and play the matches on scheduled times. You will get room ID and password in the Game Pass app 5 minutes before the match starts. BGMI Scrims Registration process…
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bgmi tournament app

BGMI Tournaments App – Free / Paid Custom matches Daily

BGMI Tournament App Game Pass Tournaments app is best and trusted BGMI Tournaments app. Here you can play unlimited Custom Room daily for Free and paid. The best thing about Game Pass Tournaments is that you can get fixed prize money in BGMI Free Tournaments also. In our BGMI Custom Room App users can click…
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bgmi custom matches

BGMI Custom Matches Tournaments App

BGMI Custom Matches BGMI Custom matches daily for free tournaments and paid tournaments with Game Pass App. We organize daily custom room matches for Battle Grounds Mobile India game where users can enroll for their slot and play daily tournaments. We want every Indian to play at-least one BGMI Custom room match per day. So…
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