Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained: What happens to Cal, Cere, and Bode?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained: What happens to Cal, Cere, and Bode?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, developed by Respawn Entertainment, eventually debuted on April 28. It continues the narrative of Jedi Knight Cal Kestis during the Reign of the Empire. Its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, concluded with the destruction of a Holocron that contained the whereabouts of children who were force-sensitive by Kal, his master Cere, Nightsister Merrin, and Mantis pilot Greez. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follows Cal as he strives to strike a balance between his well-being and his fight against the Empire and discovers a new threat connected to The High Republic and a mystery planet five years after the events of that game.

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How does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor begin
The quest to stop Dagan Gera
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ending

A story with many twists and turns can be experienced over the course of more than 20 hours in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This is a summary of what occurs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and how it all culminates in a depressing conclusion, whether you have completed the game and are searching for a recap or want to know how Cal Kestis’ adventures continue.

How does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor begin

Cal Kestis appears to have been captured on Coruscant at the beginning of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. While it initially appears that he is being delivered into the custody of a Utapauian senator, it turns out that Cal has been running with a new crew since the Mantis crew from the first game split up in order to pull off an elaborate heist. Bode Akuna tells Cal that he is battling to defend his daughter Kata from the Empire during the course of this quest.

The damaged ship of the Utapauian senator is eventually located, and everything appears to be going according to plan. Unfortunately, an Imperial Squad led by the Ninth Sister of the Fallen Order ambushes them next. Even though Cal kills the Ninth Sister and boards the Mantis to flee, everyone else is murdered along with Bode, and the Mantis sustains significant damage. He is forced to go to the planet Koboh, where Greez is currently residing, and crash lands there.

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Cal and Greez rejoin after fighting several Bedlam Raiders that were being led by Rayvis, a formidable Gen’Dai. Cal defies Greez’s advice to settle down and instead explores the caves below Greez’s Saloon in search of a piece of technology. While doing so, he comes across an ancient ruin from The High Republic era and frees a droid by the name of ZN-A4 (also known as Zed), who was tasked with finding the “Key to Tanalorr” by a Jedi Knight by the name of Santari Khri.

When Cal looks into this, he discovers that Santari Khri and a Jedi by the name of Dagan Gera sought out Tanalorr, a secret planet beyond the perilous Koboh Abyss, to establish a new Jedi base. After learning of the Jedi’s downfall, Cal chooses to release Dagan from his Bacta Tank. However, Dagan soon betrays Cal and is determined to retake Tanalorr with the aid of Rayvis, who owes him a life debt. Now, Cal, Bode, and Greez consider it their responsibility to stop Dagan and possibly seize Tanalorr for themselves as a safe haven.

The quest to stop Dagan Gera

After this encounter, Cal, Greez, and Bode—who had discovered Cal on Koboh—decide to search for Tanalorr and settle there as a family. The gang decides to travel to Jedha in search of any existing information on Tanalorr. There, Cal’s tutor Cere Junda is collaborating with Jedi Master Edo Cordova to rebuild the Jedi Archives and support the Hidden Path, a group that defends those with force-sensitive individuals from the Empire.

A sandstorm forces them to land far from the base, where Cal meets Merrin, a Nightsister for whom he has affections but who left the Mantis crew to travel the galaxy on her own terms. Cal meets Cere and Edo once he has met them again after spending the storm in a cave. Edo sends them back to Koboh and its Shattered Moon to look for tools that might help them reach Tanalorr despite the fact that they don’t know anything about it.

When they decided against settling on Tanalorr, Dagan betrayed the Jedi Order, according to a damaged device that Cal discovers on the planet and its Shattered Moon. Cal brings these back to Jedha but diverts his attention to assist Merrin in defending a Hidden Path safehouse that the Empire is attacking. At that safehouse, they can find the contact codes and share their first kiss while taking down a massive drill.

As they make their way back to Cere’s base, they discover that the objects are compasses that might help them cross the Koboh Abyss. After Dagan’s betrayal, Santari Khri destroys two of the compasses, but they discover that one is still there and search for it. The Mantis crew, whom Merrin has subsequently re-joined, discovers that Zed has been abducted upon arriving to Koboh. Following another battle with Dagan, Cal manages to save the droid before having to confront Rayvis on the Shattered Moon.

While fighting Rayvis there, Cal discovers that he owes Dagan a lifetime debt. Rayvis is defeated, and after telling Cal that Dagan is receiving the last compass at an observatory in Koboh’s mountains, Rayvis leaves. Then, after pleading for an honourable demise, Cal murders Rayvis. Then Bode and Cal attack this observatory, where Bedlam Raiders and the Empire are engaged in a fierce battle. They eventually make it to Dagan, who reveals his true intent: to recreate the Jedi Order in his image on Tanalorr before assuming control of the whole galaxy.

The fallen Jedi is killed by Cal and Bode after a bloody battle. As the crew returns to Jedha with the last compass, everything appears to be in order. But ever since learning that Cal wants Tanalorr to be a haven for The Hidden Path rather than just a haven for him, Merrin, Greez, Bode, and Kata, Bode has been displaying signs of increasing unease. The crew rejoices after Edo Cordova fixes the last compass, and that evening Cal confesses his feelings to Merrin, who returns them.

The Imperial raid on the Jedha base the next day throws them off, and Bode’s betrayal of the group shocks them even more. Edo makes an effort to reason with Bode, but Bode shoots him and runs away. The last part of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s story is introduced by this. The main antagonist of this game is Bode.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ending

Following Bode’s betrayal of Cal and the murder of Edo Cordova, Cal rides off after him on a speeder as the massive Imperial assault on the Jedha base gets under way. Bode is a former Jedi who now works for the Empire, Cal discovers. Despite being defeated, Cal is not arrested. Then, for a brief moment, players can take control of Cere as she defends Jedha and engages Darth Vader, who is personally leading the attack. Despite Cere’s heroic efforts, Darth Vader ultimately succeeds in killing her.

Despite being traumatised by Bode’s treachery and the deaths of Edo and Cere, Cal uses a location beacon to hunt down Bode to an Imperial Security Bureau base on Nova Garon. Cal finds out that Bode used to be an espion for the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars but switched to the Empire to protect his daughter after they found him and killed his wife while causing havoc on the Imperial Forces here. Bode had been a spy for the Empire the entire time, and when Cal said he would use Tanalorr for the Hidden Path, Bode finally swore allegiance to them.

Cal is able to enter Bode’s residence on Nova Garon, where he meets Kata in person. They get along well, but Bode comes back and flees with Kata, intending for Cal to blow up the base in his fury. While he pursues Bode, Cal begins to turn to the Dark Side, but Merrin prevents him from going all the way. Bode manages to get away, but the Mantis Crew discovers that by aligning arrays on Koboh, they can also open a route to Tanalorr.

Zee’s assistance allows them to make an entrance in the Abyss, through which Greez flies without harming the Mantis. They take off for Tanalorr prepared to face Bode. But on the way to the fight, Merrin and Cal decide to talk sense into Bode because they don’t want Kata to lose their entire family the way they both have. When they locate Kata, she takes them to Bode. Bode begins to fight Cal as they attempt to reason with him; it’s obvious that he is beyond redemption.

After a fight, Cal appears to have won and begs Bode to give up. However, Bode takes advantage of the situation to launch a counterattack that injures Merrin, Kata, and BD-1. Without any other option, Cal momentarily joins the Dark Side to gain the upper hand on Bode and ends up killing him with a blaster that Bode had given him previously in their joint exploits. Realising that they have transferred their trauma to Kata and must now take care of it, Cal and Merrin take Kata back to the Mantis.

Edo Cordova, Cere Junda, and Bode Akuna are given a formal Jedi funeral by the crew before they depart, with Cal remaining by their sides until only their embers and lightsabers are left. The post-game then starts, with Cal declaring his desire to turn Tanalorr into a haven for the Hidden Path in Cere’s memory. The primary plot of the game ends there. Cere, Dagan, and Bode do not get it to the end, but Cal, Merrin, Greez, Kata, and BD-1 do.

Available right now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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