BGMI Custom Rooms

Privacy Policy / TOS / Data Deletion

Privacy Policy –

Game Pass tournaments app is a paid esports BGMI tournament app, where users can register for ongoing esports matches and pay their registration fees. Any user can play match following tournament rules and if you won the match then you can get the rewards as per match description.

All rewards will be created into your in-game wallet instantly or within an hour. Later you can redeem the rewards into your phone wallets or local bank accounts.

Game Pass Terms of Use –

  • The Game Pass Tournaments are only for Indian Citizens and people living in India except the residents of Assam, Orrisa, Nagaland, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • In case of any dispute regarding the players cheating or in-game issues, Game Pass Tournaments decision shall be final and biding.
  • Game Pass Tournaments reserves all the rights to change our policies and terms of conditions anytime without any prior notification.
  • If any player doesn’t follow the Tournaments rules then Game Pass reserve all rights to suspend the user account and stop all withdrawal and no winning credits added.
  • If any match ties then no re-match. Only 50% registration money will be added in players wallet.
  • Tournament winning amount will be added in your wallet within 30 minutes.
  • Wallet withdrawals only available Monday to Saturday timing 10AM to 5PM.

Esports players competes purely on their talent & skill to determine performance/outcome just like any other sports, and not dependent on any luck ‘or’ chance.

It is a Game of Skills

PAYMENTS TOS – All your winning amount will be added in Tournaments App wallet with 30 to 60 minutes of match ends. Users can withdrawal their winning wallet money to your Paytm wallet. If due to any reason the tournament need to cancel then we will refund your registration money or we offer you a new tournament slot for same category match.

If your opponent disputes of hacking or any issue then we will ask for your POV and winning amount will be added in your wallet after evaluating your pov and it should be legit gameply in pov. So always record your tournament matches.

Tournaments Rules –

You can play Free or Paid matches as per availability. Rules are same for them. If any of the player found violating our rules for fair game-play then instantly disqualified from the match and Tournament app also. Game Pass Tournament rules are –

  1. When registering for a match then make sure that you available at time of match.
  2. Room ID and password will be shared 5 minutes before match on your registered email id or registered phone number (check both).
  3. If you are unable to join the match due to any reason i.e. game lag, server issue etc then we are not responsible for that.
  4. For TDM matches, first make sure that you have that specific gun which is going to used in that match. For example if you were playing M416 tournaments then you have to only use that gun, no pistol allowed here. Same in M24 tournaments, you can’t use pistols.
  5. For TDM tournaments, you can use throwables i.e. grenades or stunts. Also allowed to pickup level 3 items.
  6. Camping not allowed in TDM tournaments. All player need to give proper gun fires and push on opponent. They can’t hide in cover all the time and tap fire in cover. Excessive camping leads to disqualify you and no winning or registration amount given to you.
  7. In classic match no Team-Ups allowed. If any players find doing so then they all will be instantly disqualified from match and no rewards for them.
  8. NO HACKERS, NO EMULATORS, this can lead to instant ban from match and app.
  9. If you want to report some player on hacking then you should record the video and send us on our Telegram: +91-9717391521 or mail us – contact@gamepassofficial.com. We will investigate and revert you back.
  10. You must have a winning moment screenshot for extra level verification. Better you always take screenshot if won the match.
  11. All wallet withdrawal requests processed 10AM to 5PM all seven days. So try to withdrawal in this time for fast processing.
  12. For Solo-Duo-Classic matches minimum 15 players registration required to start the match.
  13. If we got less than 15 registration for any match then we reserve all rights to cancel that match and the player’s deposit will be refunded back.

Data Collections –

In our Android App, we do not collect any kind of data from user device. We only store user submitted details like their name, phone number, email id. And that is stored for user authentications. All the user stored information is totally secured with us and we use that for log-in verification purpose. We do not share the user data with any third party.

Data Deletion Policy –

If you want to get your data deleted from Game Pass Tournaments app then simply email us at – contact@gamepassofficial.com and we will update you within 24-48 hours with your account details.