Pokemon GO Monthly Revenue Drops to its Lowest in Five Years

Pokemon GO Monthly Revenue Drops to its Lowest in Five Years

A report shows that, at a time when the game is dealing with some significant concerns, Pokemon GO’s monthly income fell to its lowest level in years.

A recent study claims that Pokemon GO’s monthly revenue has fallen to its lowest level in five years. When Pokemon GO was published, it quickly gained popularity and transformed gamers into actual Pokemon trainers. Pokemon GO has experienced numerous controversies over the course of its existence, but the most recent one might be the biggest thus far.

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The modifications made to Remote Raids are the main discussion point within the Pokemon GO community. Pokemon GO players were incensed by these adjustments made by Niantic, who also raised the cost of remote passes and restricted players’ access to Remote Raids. As a result, some players made the decision to uninstall the game, while others went even further and decided to sell their accounts on eBay. As a result of the modifications, Pokemon GO users, particularly those who are disabled and live in rural regions, have been very critical of Niantic.

The lowest monthly revenue for Pokemon GO since February 2018 was recorded in April, according to, with $34.7 million. By making adjustments for gamers who stayed at home, Pokemon GO avoided the pandemic. Even though April’s income was the 12th best in the world for a mobile game, it represents a significant decline from the $42.8 million earned in March. When compared to the $57.9 million that Pokemon GO brought in in February, the difference is even greater.

Despite the modifications made to remote raids, not all gamers have stopped playing Pokemon GO. Despite this, it has been more frequent to come across remarks from players who are discouraged and don’t see any reason to keep playing Pokemon GO. The game’s most recent monthly revenue most definitely reflects this.

Online gaming revenue fluctuations are typical. The dynamics of each month are influenced by a variety of factors, including developer content releases, other game releases, current events, etc. But in the case of Pokemon GO, the timing of the revenue decline stands out, highlighting how divisive the change to remote raids has turned out to be. Even though they are not as enthusiastic as they once were, the community is still engaged and eagerly waiting for changes to Pokemon GO that would make the game more enjoyable. Pokemon GO gamers are waiting to see if this month’s content would help reverse the trend as May has just begun.

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