From PUBG To Politics: Pakistani ‘Bhabhi’ Seema Haider To Contest 2024 Lok Sabha Polls As RPI Candidate?

image credit :From PUBG To Politics: Pakistani ‘Bhabhi’ Seema Haider To Contest 2024 Lok Sabha Polls As RPI Candidate?

NEW DELHI: Seema Haider, the Pakistani woman who seemed to have won hearts with her incredible love and marriage journey to her Indian sweetheart Sachin Meena, has been given with an unexpected political opportunity.

BJP’s NDA Ally Approaches Seema Haider For 2024 Polls

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale’s Republican Party of India (RPI), an ally of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has reportedly approached Seema Haider and convinced her to enter politics and contest the impending 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Masoom Kishore, RPI’s National Vice President, verified the development. “Seema Haider is a Pakistani national who has moved to India.” If Seema receives a clean bill of health from the security authorities and obtains Indian citizenship, she will be welcomed into the party. “It is a Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar law that anyone with Indian citizenship can contest elections anywhere,” Kishore explained.

Seema Haider’s Rising Profile

In an unexpected turn of events, Seema Haider has allegedly accepted the political offer, paving the path for her to become the president of RPI’s women’s wing and a possible party spokeswoman.

Gujarat Businessman’s Job Offer: A New Opportunity For Seema-Sachin

Meanwhile, a Gujarat-based businessman has extended Seema Haider and her partner Sachin Meena a handsome job offer, providing them with a lucrative opportunity to improve their financial circumstances.

Bollywood Beckons: Film Roles Offered To Seema Haider

In the middle of Seema and Sachin’s financial woes, film producer Amit Jani has stepped up with a movie part offer, offering them with an advance cheque to lessen their financial strain. Seema Haider is also going to play a RAW officer in the upcoming film ‘A Tailor death Story,’ which is based on the death of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal. On Tuesday, a team from Jani Firefox Production House, which is producing the film, met with her in Greater Noida.

CM Yogi Adityanath Reacts To The Seema Haider-Sachin Meena Love Story

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, recently addressed the rumours surrounding Seema Haider and Sachin Meena’s cross-border love tale, emphasising the role of security services in determining their fate.

Seema Haider’s Plea For Indian Citizenship: A Daughter-in-Law Of India

Seema Haider, seeking sanctuary in India, has petitioned President Droupadi Murmu, requesting Indian citizenship based on her marriage to Indian citizen Sachin Meena and her close attachment to Indian culture.

Intelligence Agencies Probe: Mystery Deepens Around Seema Haider

As Seema Haider continues under investigation for her unlawful entry into India and alleged contacts with Pakistan’s spy agency, the ISI, intelligence services ramp up their inquiry, requesting additional evidence from various authorities.

Seema Haider’s Determination To Stay in India Amid Challenges

Seema Haider has declared her love for India, claiming her wish to adopt Indian culture and traditions and be permitted to stay in the country she now considers her own.

The Intriguing Tale Continues: Seema Haider’s Undetected Journey Unravelled

With Seema Haider’s rigorous questioning by intelligence authorities, her unnoticed voyage from Pakistan to India via Nepal remains under examination, adding to the riddle of her story.

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