Cycle in BGMI 1.9 Update – C2S5 Royal Pass

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Cycle in BGMI 1.9 Update – C2S5 Royal Pass

cycle in bgmi

Cycle in BGMI

New Cycle in BGMI in next C2S5 update and Royal Pass is expected. Also in new season we can play a new made that is similar as Ancient Temple mode in previous PUBG. This upcoming season is the mix of few recent events like here we can get new web shooter that is bit similar as recent Spider Man: No Way Home event. Similar Ancient temples that are floating in the sky.

Also the loot will be increased on the floating temples. On temple fights, if you knock down any player then they will become balloons and float above in the air.

Different features of Bicycle –

  • You can find Bicycles on different roadside locations same like cars and bikes.
  • The cycle is fold-able and you can easily put it in your bag pack.
  • You can throw it from your bag pack to give it to your friends.
  • Easily pickup Bicycles from your enemies crates just like other stuff.
  • There no fueling only player need to push that with feet like real cycles.
  • Only one player i.e. rider can site. No passenger facility available.
  • Best thing that there is no sound for bicycle so you can easily flank and hit enemies from different angles.
  • When you maintain some good speed on cycle then you can jump over obstacles like different sacks in the Erangle map and low height walls etc.
  • No Tyre damage and burst. So you can use cycle unlimited in your classic match.

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