BGMI Tournaments App – Free / Paid Custom matches Daily

BGMI Custom Rooms

BGMI Tournaments App – Free / Paid Custom matches Daily

bgmi tournament app

BGMI Tournament App

Game Pass Tournaments app is best and trusted BGMI Tournaments app. Here you can play unlimited Custom Room daily for Free and paid. The best thing about Game Pass Tournaments is that you can get fixed prize money in BGMI Free Tournaments also.

In our BGMI Custom Room App users can click on upcoming matches and then select their desired match that they want to play at their available time slot. There will be more than 10 matches listed everytime to join. You can click on join button to enroll for that match. If that is free tournament then it will directly ask you to enter your in-game name and after that your match registration completes. But for paid tournaments, it will ask you to pay registration fees before enrolling into the match. You can pay from your wallet money and also in-app payment gateway option available to pay via Paytm wallet, UPI, credit card, debit card. Your payment is 100% secure with us and in case any of matches got cancelled then your registration money will be added back into your app wallet.

BGMI Custom matches –

In Game Pass Tournaments app you can play daily 10+ BGMI Paid Tournaments and win real money in every match if you win. All your winning money will be added in your app wallet within 10-15 minutes after match finishes. Players can withdrawal their winning money into Paytm wallet.

TDM tournament –

S.NoMatch TypeEntry FeesWinning Prize
1.Solo TDM10₹15₹
Solo TDM20₹30₹
Solo TDM50₹75₹
Solo TDM100₹150₹
Solo TDM 200₹300₹
Solo TDM500₹750₹

In TDM Tournaments, we organize two types of matches, one is for all weapons. In this type, players can use any weapons available in their load-outs, grenades, stun grenades. Also players can pickup level 3 armor and helmets available in Warehouse mode. Other type of TDM match is M24 Sniper only. In this BGMI TDM Custom Tournament type, players only need to use M24. No grenades or any other gun allowed and no pistols also. But players can pickup level 3 items i.e. helmets and armor from the stones in the TDM match.

BGMI Classic Tournaments Entry –

S.NoMatch TypeEntry FeesWinning Prize
1.Erangel Solo10₹100₹

In Classic Tournaments, player can enroll for Solo and Squad modes. All our classic matches are in Erangel maps now. But later we will add more maps for BGMI Custom Matches.

Room ID and Password will be available in the app 5 before the match starts. Also enrolled player will get a notification with room id and password so they can enter into the custom tournament and win real money every match on winning.

Classic Duo Tournaments Entry Prize –

S.NoMatch TypeEntry Fees (for duo)Winning Prize
1.Erangel Duo50₹500₹

Classic Squad Tournaments Entry Prize –

S.NoMatch TypeEntry Fees (for Squad)Winning Prize
1.Erangel Squad1001000

All the winning amount will be added into players wallet within 15 minutes of match ends. Game Pass Tournaments app is the most played and trusted Android app in BGMI Custom Matches Tournaments Gaming industry.

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