BGMI TDM Tournaments App – Entry 200₹ and Win 300₹

BGMI Custom Rooms

BGMI TDM Tournaments App – Entry 200₹ and Win 300₹

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BGMI TDM Tournaments App

A complete new series of BGMI TDM Tournaments is live now. You can win real money every TDM match if you win the custom tournament match. Now we giving bumper prize money to all our winners. Here you can enroll your registration on our mobile App with an match entry fees of 200 rupees for one match and if you win the match then you will get the prize money of 700 rupees directly into your BGMI TDM Tournaments App wallet. You can redeem your wallet money into your Paytm Wallet anytime.

Now for the very first time, IOS players can also enroll for our TDM custom matches via our GP Tournaments App available on iOS App store.

Players need to register for BGMI Custom match with basic contact details and BGMI Character ID. After that they need to pay the tournament registration fees. Also, registration will not be valid if registration money not processed by players.

You must have to follow Game Pass Tournaments Rules. If we found any players violating our terms then they will be instantly blocked and no rewards will be sent to them if they win by violating rules.

BGMI daily Tournaments Schedule –

Our BGMI Custom matches starts from daily 6PM evening. So you can book your slot now to play BGMI Scrims or TDM Tournaments with paid slots and win real money every match.

For Support – Message on Telegram (+91-9717391521)

In our basic TDM Tournaments, all weapons allowed and all throwables allowed. Players can pick level three items i.e. helmet and armor. On the other side in sniper only TDM Tournaments, we specify the sniper gun. Player needs to use only M24 gun in the sniper only tournament. And in this section no throwables allowed. But level three items allowed for all players.

How to download Game Pass Tournaments App –

You can download Game Pass app for both Android and iOS devices. For Android phones, open Google Play store and search for “Game Pass Tournaments” then you will get our app on top result. Just download the app and register for paid matches.

For iOS users, open App Store and search “GP Tournaments”. You will find our app on first position there. Just download and play unlimited TDM Tournaments with use to earn real money every match.


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