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BGMI Custom Matches Tournaments App

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BGMI Custom Matches

BGMI Custom matches daily for free tournaments and paid tournaments with Game Pass App. We organize daily custom room matches for Battle Grounds Mobile India game where users can enroll for their slot and play daily tournaments.

We want every Indian to play at-least one BGMI Custom room match per day. So for the player who can’t pay for paid tournaments, we organize one free match daily. But even in free tournaments we offer some prize money for the winner to encourage them for aggressive game play. The prize money will be added into their Game Pass Wallet right after the match ends.

TDM Tournaments –

Game Pass BGMI Tournaments App organizes daily 15+ BGMI paid custom matches in Classic and TDM map matches. The tournament entry fees and winning prize money is different for all matches.

Here at Game Pass we organize 10 types of BGMI eSports tournaments like :-

  1. Classic Erangel Solo Tournaments
  2. Classic Erangel Duo Tournaments
  3. Classic Erangel Squad Tournaments
  4. TDM Warehouse Solo AR Tournaments
  5. TDM Warehouse Duo AR Tournaments
  6. TDM Warehouse Squad AR Tournaments
  7. TDM Warehouse Solo M24 only Tournaments
  8. TDM Warehouse Duo M24 only Tournaments
  9. Classic Sanhok Squad Tournaments
  10. Classic Miramar Squad Tournaments

Solo TDM Tournaments –

S.No.Match TypeMatch Entry feesMatch Winning prize
1.Solo TDM AR10₹15₹
Solo TDM AR20₹30₹
Solo TDM AR50₹75₹
Solo TDM AR 100₹150₹
Solo TDM AR500₹750₹
Solo TDM AR1000₹1500₹

Tournaments terms overview – We organize TDM Tournaments with any weapons mode where players can play with any weapon they prefer like M416, AKM, M762, Groza, Shoguns, M24, AWM, M249. Also players can pickup all level 3 available items like armor and helmet. And can also use grenades and stun grenades in the match.

In same BGMI paid BGMI Customs, we organize separate M24 (sniper only) matches. In this segment, player only needs to use M24 gun. No other weapons allowed i.e. any AR or pistols, no grenades etc. Only need to defeat the opponent with M24 sniper gun in Warehouse map.

BGMI Classic Paid Customs –

At this time, we organize Classic custom matches in Solo Erangel category. Very soon you can play Duo and Squad tournaments in Classic Erangel map and much more. Here we allow 100 players to enroll for Classic Paid Custom match with a fixed entry fees and play.

S.No.Match TypeMatch Entry feesMatch Winning prize
1.Solo Erangle classic30₹300₹
Solo Erangle classic50₹500₹
Solo Erangle classic 100₹1000₹
Solo Erangle classic200₹2000₹
Solo Erangle classic500₹5000₹

No hard and fast tournament rules and policies. So any legit player can win the match with their best performance. But if any player try to ruin the gaming experience then we will immediately ban that player from the match and our Tournament app. All benefits from from spam techniques will be removed from the account. You can read all Tournaments rules here.

Prize money –

We will add the winning prize money to the winner players of the Tournaments wallet within 15 minutes of match ends. And player can withdrawal their money into their Paytm wallet anytime.

The conclusion, BGMI Tournaments app is best and most trusted app for Battle Ground Mobile India player for Custom Room matches. Here we process 100% winning money to players within promised time. So invite all your squad members and clan members to join Game Pass Tournaments for full competitive custom room games and win more intense battles with good price money.

Download Game Pass BGMI Tournaments App here –

Game Pass Tournament App for Android


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