BGMI Tournaments App - Game Pass for Android and iOS devices.

Download BGMI Tournaments App for Scrims and Custom matches. Play daily TDM tournaments and win exciting rewards every match.

BGMI Tournaments

Play daily custom matches and BGMI Tournaments on Game Pass Tournaments. BGMI Scrims registrations are open.

BGMI Tournaments App
TDM Tournaments

Daily 100+ TDM Tournaments with paid slots to win exciting rewards every match. Play AR and M24 tournaments.

BGMI Tournaments App
BGMI Scrims Registration

Daily night BGMI Scrims matches. Paid registrations in Solo-Duo-Squad and win rewards.

GamePass Tournaments App

Why Game Pass is #1 BGMI Tournaments App in India.

Join Game Pass monthly membership for BGMI and play daily one Solo Erangel Tournaments for free at 7PM evening. Win 10 rupees per kill. App is available on Google Play Store and IOS App store. So all gamers can play Custom, Scrims and TDM tournaments in their devices. Along with that there are different match slots for both platforms. So this will create a healthy eco-system for gamers and we are truly engaged in providing legit tournaments.

1V1 TDM Tournaments (AR)

Daily 100 matches for TDM Tournaments in 1V1 Warehouse category. Only AR weapon allowed with level 3 items and throwables.


1V1 TDM Tournaments (M24)

M24 TDM warehouse tournaments are on fire now and players ready to show their skills. Play daily 50 TDM tournaments with M24 weapon only.


BGMI Scrims Registrations

Daily Scrims nights are live now. Register paid slots in solo Erangel Scrims and win amazing rewards every match if you win the tournament.

GAME PASS BGMI Tournaments App

All our tournament
matches will live on our Youtube & FB Channels.

Game Pass is highly dedicated for legit gameplays and tournaments. For this reason, we live all our BGMI Tournaments matches on our official YouTube and Facebook pages. And if some reason we were not able to make any match live then we upload the recorded video of that match.


For support contact on Telegram –

GamePass Tournaments Reports

By January 2022, we have successfully organized 400+ Warehouse TDM matches and 95+ Classic Ergangel matches. All winning rewards has been sent to the players wallets at same time.
We offer different paid TDM tournaments with entry fees from 50 rupees to 1000 rupees per match and offer minimum 50% profit if you win the match. Like if you playing a solo AR TDM tournament with an entry fees of 100 rupees and you win the match then you will get minimum 50% profit like 50 rupees plus your entry money so the total you win is 150 rupees.

With any reason if you lost the match then we wish you a better luck next time. Life is all about trying again and again. BGMI Tournaments App is open for all legit players to play the game and win with skills.



Latest News

We always make you updated with the latest upcoming news on BGMI Community like new features and next events etc.

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